I am Kewal Rai, a photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I am a believer of appreciating the journey of life and not to worry too much about whats at the end of the destination.

You can consider me a jack of all trades with background in Information Technology and Architecture but all changed when I thought I should give myself a present of a DSLR  for my graduation. I knew instantly I had found my passion when I started clicking.

Never had I dared to dream  of making photography a profession (still learning the ropes for the business side but in terms of shooting, ah..the pleasure is all mine) but here I am living my dreams and hopefully helping others bring their dream imagery to life.

I am working freelance and have 6 years of experience. I specialize in portraits, weddings, family, conceptual, fashion shoots. The need to be creative drives me to improve myself.

If you're reading this, means you might have seen or heard about my works some where, some place so why not contact me. I am more of a peoples' person and love communicating with you and hearing your ideas and dreams. Do not let my shy and quiet demure fool you ;oP

For prompt reply, I can be contacted on 0421 495567. If you are the shy type, feel free to email me through the "Contact Me" Link on your left.

G'day and lets create!!


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